Greater Ozarks Rural Psychologists, LLC is a private practice which is owned and operated by Loretta Fuge, Psy.D. and her husband, Marion Fuge. Dr. Fuge has been a resident of Mansfield for 30 years and Wright County for 41 years. Her husband is a lifelong resident of Mansfield/Wright County. Since both are from a rural area, each noticed the lack of psychological services in the area. After completing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology she decided to open a practice, Rural Psychologists & Associates in Mansfield in 2006 which operated for 4 years. Dr. Fuge owns, manages and provides services at Greater Ozarks Rural Psychologists which started at it's current location in April 2010.

Dr. Loretta Fuge holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and completed the neuropsychological tract during her training. She is a Licensed Psychologist. Her undergraduate degree is in Psychology with a double minor, Biomedical Science and Criminal Justice. She has extensive experience in conducting psychological evaluations & assessments. Dr. Fuge works with individuals who have experienced trauma and she is trained in trauma informed care. She is knowledgeable about dementia and worked with individuals and their caregivers. Dr. Fuge has provided therapy in outpatient and inpatient settings working with adults, children, and families. She has provided services to developmentally disabled individuals for the last 9 years and has served as the Clinical Director for Renovations of the ARC of the Ozarks located in Springfield, MO which provides services to individuals who reside in group homes and Independent Support Living (ISL) homes with a dual diagnosis, Intellectual Disability and Psychiatric Condition. She performs pre-surgical screenings for spinal fusions, disc replacements and gastric by-pass surgery.

Dr. Stacy Barham is a Licensed Psychologist. She works well with those with developmental disabilities, children, and their families. Dr. Barham has provided therapy services to children, adolescents and adults on a wide range of issues. She completed her doctorate in Clinical Psychology and enjoys helping others in need. She completed her internship at Arc of the Ozarks/Greater Ozarks Rural Psychologists, LLC.

Dr. Rory Richardson holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and Biopsychology. He is a Licensed Psychologist in Missouri, Oregon, and in the United Kingdom. He is a Board Certified Medical Psychologist. He has been in the mental health field since 1975. He has extensive experience evaluating and treating children, adolescents and adults with both psychological, neuropsychological, and combined psychological/medical conditions. He has several years of experience providing both evaluations and consultations for children and adults who have suffered through trauma and psychological issues. He is a Board Certified Trainer in Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy, providing creative therapies to help younger patients work through difficult emotional issues.

Michael Fuge, M.D. is a consultant with GORP. He completed his Medical Degree at the University of Missouri-School of Medicine in Columbia, MO. He provides assistance to our psychologists when they have questions about a client's medical history and how a specific diagnosis may conflict with therapeutic goals. In addition to other duties, he also provides training sessions to our staff in relevant medical topics such as psychiatric medications. His professional interests include Rural/Under-served Medicine, Substance Abuse, and Healthcare Delivery Systems.


Greater Ozarks Rural Psychologists